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You can submit your Photoshop, adobe illustrator, 3D tutorials, wallpaper collection, Freebies, Infographics, Best Roundups only.

  • 50 Urban Decay Photography Examples

    Photographers see beauty even in any forgotten areas on the planet like deserted places or abandoned buildings or anything that’s unusual for many. Urban decay Photography just deals with taking photos of previously functioning city, or part of a city, which has fell into disrepair and decrepitude.


  • Freebie: WordPress Comments Widget (PSD)

    Today’s freebie is a simple template for a Comments widget that can be used in the WordPress Sidebar (or some other website sidebar).


  • 24 Creative Newsletter Designs for Your Inspiration

    Here’s a collection of creative newsletter designs which should give you a ton of ideas and inspiration!


  • Beautiful Examples of Macro Photography

    Macro photography is taking close-up photographs of small object at greater than life size. This is one of my favorite types of photography. You will be surprised to see how beautiful microscopic world around you, creepy spider close-ups and various insects or bugs.


  • 50 Beautiful Flowers Photography

    Spring is the time when beautiful flowers blossom and the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of nature. In north, spring season begins around March and in south regions like South Africa, Australia spring begins on September. In some countries spring is in February.


  • 10 Websites to Download Free Fonts

    We all now how hard it is to find that perfect font for your graphic design project but whatever your needs you can find a personal use or commercial use font with our handy list of free font websites.


  • Effects of User Behavioral Data & User Actions on Google

    Google is using this knowledge to prioritize the search results and to assign the PageRank to Websites. There is a prominent effect on the user behavior and actions on the search engines.


  • WordPress theme of the week: SlideOne

    SlideOne is a parallax, one page WordPress Theme that has a superb design with a fresh and innovative approach. The most astonishing feature is the changing image background that occurs when you scroll down the website.


  • Love Kiss Tree Lovers day Valentine day Vector

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you’re probably already thinking about how to show your special someone how much you love them. So I’ve decided to give you a helping hand and set you on the right track with some heart-melting design resources.


  • Eye-opening Posters and Print Ads – a World Cancer Day Special

    Here are 40 well-designed posters and print ads that provide reminders and bare important facts about cancer.

    • Create an Emotional Winter Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

      In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to blend different images together, using adjustment layers, filters and masks, to create an emotional winter photo manipulation.


    • Top 10 CSS3 Code Generators for Web Designers

      In the area of web development, CSS has become one of the most important and widely used sheet languages. However, if you are aware with the CSS properties, you can easily write CSS manually


    • Slideshow with Lights and Shadows (PSD)

      Today’s freebie is a slideshow with ligths and shadows. Text fields is semi transparent with a subtle border around it.


    • 30+ Creative Photography Collections

      30+ Creative Photography Collections


    • 15 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Next Design

      Next roundup of fresh fonts that are free to use in your creative work such us print design or some web design projects. Font library is a designer right hand, so if you build your own collection, check out these fresh free fonts, hope you will love them all!!


    • 30 Insurance Companies Logo Design Inspirations

      we’ll show you inspiring examples of insurance logo designs that might inspire you.


    • Freebie: Slick Contact Form (PSD)

      Today’s freebie is a simple contact form in light skin. Text fields are semi transparent with a subtle border around it.


    • Free Facebook Timeline Cover Page PSD Template

      Today, I personally designed a simple yet professional template of Facebook timeline Cover page in PSD format. This will give you a chance to make a splash in your Facebook profile. So download now this simple freebie and impress your friends.


    • 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Designers

      There are so many extensions around today for freelance graphic designers I bet you don’t even know where to begin. So we did the hard work for you, and have whittled down all the best chrome extensions for those in the freelance graphic design world to just five essential apps that every design professional must have.


  • Useful Tips on Finding the Right WordPress Business Theme

    To retain customers who visit your site and to give them proper impression of a very professional, competent business, you need to have the right WordPress business theme in place.


    • A collection of Top National Geographic Photos from 2011

      National Geographic is the ultimate channel when we speak about stunning photographs taken by the most professional photographers.


    • Freebie: Set of Animated CSS3 Buttons

      Today’s freebie is a set of simple Animated Buttons styled only with CSS3. Background is created by using a gradient and a slight radius.


    • 50+ Green Visiting Card Designs

      Green color resembles good green intentions and portrait a environmentally friendly message. Who doesn’t need a business card ? designers, developers, corporate workers, skilled professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the list goes on. Ever thought of handing out business cards to your business associates or clients? How about green cards ?


    • Etched text effect using Photoshop

      Here is a very easy to follow tutorial to help you easily do it for any kind of color booklet design or even for other special effects as well.


    • 10 Best Clothing Website Designs

      Clothes were made initially to keep us warm and also function as a form of protection. However, since then it has evolve beyond being something we wear, it is now a fashion that reflects the taste and style of an individual, the different fashion style we choose also helps us identify ourselves.


    • 35 Charming and Romantic Wallpapers That Make You Fall In Love

      Love is the most important part in ones life. Even today, in these turbulent times, love always finds a way into everyone’s heart. Almost most of you must have seen the Vancouver Kissing Couple pictures that has been running all over the news and internet, though the reason might have been different but still the essence of the picture stays the same “Start making Love, not war“.


    • Computers Arts Collection Vol 1 – Graphic Design

      Computer Arts Collection is brand new annual series of six comprehensive guides coming from the authors of Computer Arts, and the first volume – focusing around Graphic design – is on sale in the United Kingdom. Don’t get fooled by the glossy coffee table book – it is more than that and then some.


    • 20 Cool Battery PSD Templates, Icons, Tutorials

      PSD Templates are an important element which contributes to impressive and effective graphic design. Creating an battery icon isn’t easy task, it demands lots of patience and imagination.

      The tutorials included will certainly inspire designers to create distinctive and effective battery icons.


    • How to Create a Killer Web Design Proposal for Your next Project

      Times are tough and so is the competition. You are no longer floored with projects after projects, those good old days are gone. In fact, jobs are few and far between and that means, you need to do some extra works to impress the prospective clients.


  • 250 Free WordPress Themes! 2012 Edition

    Believe it or not we’ve managed to sum up for you guys 250 Free Word Press Themes!…Yeah that’s right while others have settle with giving you a merely decent listing of 50, 100, or even 20 Free WordPress Themes, here at themeshock.com knowing how for really consumed Web designer/developer probably 150 or even 200 WP themes just wont do, so we thought that 250 would be just right!


  • New Timeline Coming Soon to Facebook Brand Pages

    A report from Ad Age reveal that Facebook is going to extend its new Timeline profile pages to brand soon or may be this month.


  • 25 Best Joomla Templates for Inspiration

    Joomla Templates can replace your default theme, which comes free with the Joomla installation package. Before talking about Joomla templates, lets see why Joomla is used for. Managing databases through PHP was or perhaps is harder for many without any knowledge on PHP. Even if you have basic knowledge on PHP you’ll realize that how difficult it is to integrate a simple login page with mysql database. With the release of Content Management System (CMS) storing registration details , uploading -downloading images, videos and keeping track of every content on website became easy. Good thing is the fact that people can manage their website without having any programming skills, as CMS does all the management automatically. Joomla is one of the best CMS platforms available on the internet.


  • Freebie: Slideshow in Dark / Light skin (PSD)

    Today’s freebie is a simple slideshow in two color variations with shadows at the top and at the bottom. Text field is semi transparent holder.


  • Create a Ribbon DropDown Menu with CSS3 and jQuery

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a simple ribbon dropdown menu using CSS3 and jQuery. The menu is cross-browser compatible so it will be easy for you to adapt in your project.


  • 30+ Restaurant Website Design That Will Make You Hungry

    There’re so many restaurant websites on the internet, but most of them aren’t designed well, some of these websites look so boring with an old layout, whereas website for restaurant is to attract new customers just like restaurant’s menus.


  • WordPress Theme of the week: Gala

    Gala is a Mac inspired premium WordPress Theme best suited for an agency or any other company that wishes to showcase their services.


  • HTML5 WordPress Frameworks: 10 Best for Semantic Blog

    To build a dynamic website powered by WordPress and HTML5, you need to choose a good HTML5 framework. This will simplify the process of building a semantic WordPress blog.


  • 30 Sets of Social Media/Bookmarking Icons

    Keeping a website neat and clean is important and must be done in a proper way. You must not dump social media icons to the footer. There was a time when RSS feeds used to sit in the footer with just an anchor text pointing to the feed url, now we can see website authors including them inside the post to gain subcribers. Attractive social media icons can get user attention once they get into your website. Here we have collected some social media icons which may catch your interest and also match your site theme. The below sets of social media icons contain popular social media networks and come in different sizes.


  • Apparel printing techniques

    In the apparel industry, besides the artwork to be printed, the most important thing is the printing technique. There are several printing techniques, and each of them is suitable for a certain business strategy. I hope this will answer many questions concerning the perfect printing technique for your t-shirt business. This is quite simple to see which one fits your needsbest, because each printing technique has its pros and cons depending on the number of colors used, on the timing, and not the least, on the costs.


  • Compatibility of PSD to HTML Conversion with Different Web Browsers

    In the world of web development cross browser compatibility is one of the most important attributes of a good website. Just imagine the amount of damage that your brand would suffer if your website fails to cater to users browsing from


  • A Comprehensive Guide to the New Facebook Timeline

    Facebook have introduced their new timeline profile, which will eventually be applied to all users. Should this concern us?


  • DrawScribe, a New Plugin for Adobe Illustrator

    News doesn’t get much bigger for us. We are really excited to preview our all-new plugin DrawScribe for Adobe Illustrator in full for the first time! As each major plugin takes a long time to develop, polish and test, this event doesn’t come around very often for us.


  • Designing Custom Road Sign Icons Using Photoshop

    Road signs today are more than just for the road. Look at all the different digital and printed designs out there and you will see a lot of them guiding people as they look through web pages, software interfaces and even for catalog printing, flyer printing and posters.


  • Why is easy and good navigation important and how is it possible?

    The world is moving really fast, and so are the people in it. According to a research web surfers do not spend more than 5 seconds on a website if they do not find what they are looking for quickly.


  • Flyer Design Tutorial Videos + Posts: A Definitive Collection for the Graphic Design Newbie

    A tutorial video and post roundup for learning flyer design in Photoshop, curated to showcase the best on the Web.


  • Free PSD Facebook Timeline Covers

    In this post we have collected 20 creative PSD resources for your Facebook timeline. Create your own custom Facebook Cover Photo and impress all your friends or use it to promote you businnes.


  • The Dark Horse of Stock Photography – Ingimage.com

    Up and coming stock photo agency Ingimage.com have this month realised a brand new website design, and with it a free trial subscription that is a real treat for any graphic designer.


  • 20 Inspirational and Unique Website Menu Designs

    When visitor come to your website and do not find what they are looking for, there’re two possibilities what will happen. First, they might just leave your website (high bounce rate=BAD) or They will browsing the archive through site’s navigation menu and search form (low bounce rate=GOOD).


  • Magento: An Ultimate Solution for an Ecommerce Store

    Most of the websites today are powered by a Content Management System such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. But when it comes to having an ecommerce store, Magento is the ideal solution for any business and is powering close to 30000 online stores around the word.


  • 19 Influencial Album Covers

    19 influential, artistic album covers that will give you a taste for sophisticated album design.


  • Why use WordPress?

    Remember the old days when we used to spend month after month learning all that scary techie html stuff, design a site, and stay up all night crying because we couldn’t figure out why an image wouldn’t load?


  • Twitter Vector Logo for Your Designs Using Illustrator

    You can then have a great twitter bird design, perfect for your business card prints, catalog prints, web pages and even posters. Just follow the step by step instructions below.


  • 30+ Insect Macro Photography and Tips

    With the advent of digital photography taking huge amount of photos is easy and we don’t have to worry about film cost & chemical processing. You can take any no. of shots of the subject until you get a perfect still. Macro photography deals with the part of photography where we take a large print or shot of a insect or any micro subject.


  • CSS3 Tricks: Jumping Featured Boxes

    In today’s tutorial we will create a set of featured boxes that will create a nice text flying effect when you move your mouse over them.


  • PSD to CSS: Desperate web Design Necessity

    In the present day, web design and development is on a new height altogether. It is no longer to own a good enough website. But the website needs to be amazing, with impeccable design, highly optimum functionalities and laced with features those are simply out of the box and mind bogglingly unique.


  • 50+ Best Portfolio WordPress Theme

    A portfolio WordPress theme is often used by a photographer, graphic designer, artist, business owner to showcase their work or product. We know there are many portfolio WordPress theme out there, some free and some paid themes.


  • Creative 3D Bar Graphs in Illustrator

    The boring graphs you get from Word processors typically will leave your annual catalog prints, reports, flyer prints and other business prints looking mediocre. This tutorial will help you with the basics of creating these graphs in Illustrator.


  • 30+ High Quality Stone and Rock Textures

    30+ High Quality Stone and Rock Textures


  • Creating A Simple Cartoon Animal Face In Illustrator

    Looking at many of the newest websites today, you will see that many are turning to cartoon style illustrations. This is in line with the latest sleek, bright and cartoon like trends in web and print design. Now, even for newbies, it can be easy to create a cartoon animal face custom made for their own websites and even those looking to make their flyer printing, poster printing and postcard printing pieces more interesting.


  • PowerMockup v2.2 Released: Wireframing Tool for PowerPoint

    PowerMockup is a PowerPoint plug-in that makes it easy to sketch out wireframes of applications and websites. It provides a rich set of stencils and icons for typical UI elements such as buttons, text boxes, toolbars, menus, tables, etc.


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