If you own a small business, your website will have one main goal – to encourage visitors to purchase your goods or services. Every aspect of your web design should be focused on this – working together to drive potential customers to the action you want them to complete. Let’s take a look at the best ways to create an effective small business website – broken down into six manageable steps.

Today’s article about few tips on effective small business web design idea for start ups and others who like to create some wonderful design and develop a small website.

For Small Business How to Create Web Design

6 Steps To Effective Small Business Web Design

1)Don’t clutter your aviation

Allowing users to navigate your SME website without thinking leads to good usability. And good usability keeps visitors on your site. Your web pages should be self-explanatory and lead to obvious decisions. Create a site structure and navigation that gets users from A to B without thinking and you’ll be able to guide them to their goal.

2)Focus the user’s attention

The human eye doesn’t move around the page in a linear fashion and it instantly recognizes colors, patterns and motions that stand out. Think about the video advertisements you see at the edge of your browser – they’re annoying but they certainly catch your attention. Design your website in such a way that different aspects of the user interface will attract more or less attention than others. Use bold text, contrasting sizes and colors and emphasis the information you want the user to see, such as call to action buttons. This will get them to their goal more quickly.

3)Concentrate on Good Content

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Internet users don’t read, they scan. So keep the content of your web pages to the point and visually easy to read. That means no long blocks of text, no overly-sales speak and no unfamiliar technical terms. Keep your sentences short and concise and use visual elements such as bullet points and subheadings to break up the text.

And remember that quality content is everything when it comes to improving your search engine ranking. Google can recognize low quality, spammy content so make yours useful and informative and Google will reward you with a good ranking.

4)Keep it simple

Internet users visit websites to find particular information. So keep your website simple and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. If you run an eCommerce website, they’re probably looking for a particular product. So make sure your site navigation is simple and your categories are logical. This way they’ll be able to intuitively take themselves from the homepage to the product they need.

5)Embrace white Space

Part of keeping your web design simple also means not being afraid of white space. White space is the places on the page that are blank – unoccupied by objects, images or text. An overloaded web page can make visitors feel bombarded with information, making it hard to scan and process. White space can help by breaking your web page up into digestible pieces of information – helping you to guide the user to the information they’re looking for.

6)Take advantage of conventions

Finally, take advantage of the things a user expects to see on a web page. Have you ever been on a website and been able to navigate it anyway in a language you don’t understand? That’s because of certain conventions web designers adhere to in order to eliminate the time users need to spend figuring out how to use the site. A basic example is how the company logo is almost always linked back to the homepage. Professional web designers have years of experience creating commerce websites that meet visitors’ expectations and using conventions to direct them towards a particular goal. At BT marketing solutions we’ll get to know your business and then work with you to help your customers complete the action you want them to complete.

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To find out more about how we can create an effective small business website for you and welcome our design contributor, Martin Crutchley is a UK based 20-something tech and marketing blogger with a passion for all things geeky! You can read more @Embers29. You can join our design crew and share your creativity and experience to new designers.

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