Most popular social media network Twitter now officially enabled “Free Twitter Card Analytics” to their users account. To activate the Twitter Analytics, you need to add some meta value on your site or blog and get approved by Twitter using Twitter cards. There are different types of Twitter Cards available for bloggers, marketers and photographers to use this service and promote their work or business in modern social networking.

Earlier you have to use the Twitter Ads(which are available now for promoted tweets) and other third-party apps to see the metrics and impressions about your post or articles you wrote. Now after enabling the twitter card which suits best for your blog or website, you can check their clicks, re-tweets and favorites by going to setting icon and choose analytics. The page will now redirect to the personal twitter analytics page.

Introducing Twitter Card Analytics for Free

Introducing Twitter Card Analytics for Free

Twitter Analytics Now Enabled for Twitter Cards Approved Account

We attached some insights of URL clicks, change on time, snapshots, power users, medium of traffic to your blog though apps. The Twitter will recommend to use which settings and how to implement your tweets for better readership. You might notice less impression and re-tweets. Our blog was approved by Twitter recently and gave a vacation to our blog and myself. Also we had some issue with the hosting server problem and outage from resource usage. We are planning to upgrade our blog with VPS. Our design service will be open soon and blog will be active, but not like before. We are moving into Freelancing for some time and then back to blogging.

The Twitter analytics dashboard helps your to track three main features.
1. Tweet Activity
3. Twitter Cards.
We are going to see about twitter cards tab first:

“How Tweets with your Twitter Cards drove Retweets.”

“Metrics of Change of Time of Tweets”

“Suggestions based on your Twitter impressions to use which Twitter Cards”
Other extra features you see in the dashboard is about which tweets got more traffic to your blog and which twitter user retweeted or made favorite your tweet. From which source your tweet gets more traffic via app or widget or button and clicks to you blog links.

“Shows the Twitter Followers Count”

Twitter activity about the count of tweets and shows the no. of follows and un-follows to your twitter account.
And now you can export the data for better understanding of social media. You might like our Pinterest Web Analytics and how to get more traffic to your blog or website. If you like our article kindly share this in social media. You can follow us on Twitter.

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