New update from Pinterest allows users to pin their favorite places with photos to the board. Pinterest has more than 750 million Travel Photographs or Vacation bucket list from various users – who like to travel new places or wish to check out those places. Kindly note the iOS app for Pinterest made an update with pinning maps, but it seems to be not working for everyone. So we advice you to tag your friends or contribute to the boards to new board. You can see the difference between other normal boards by a location icon on the board.

How to add Place Pins in Pinterest – Easy Guide

The following step by step guide let you easily create your own new board. That’s what we suggest – if you have thousands of travel photos which are popular you can ask your contributors to add map to the photos. First create a board or use already created niche board and then edit them.
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Pinterest Place Pins

how to place pins in pinterest

Now add places you want to share with other friends and after than
Pin Place and Map to your board

Search Places in Pinterest for new board

Now this company will be taken as role model – they survey over past one year about new changes and what their users need. Place Pins was the outcome of this. What we feel is this one is beta version and now older travel board from pinterest will become popular and get more social media traffic for their blog or products they choose to use.

The new Place Pin feature is powered by famous Foursquare API – Instead of only posting images they added a live map with tour address and phone number. We think this will be very useful for pinners who can share their checklist and visit new places. After Flipboard’s shopping features added recently – social network is getting better day by day. Do not forget to update your Tumblr iOS app and let us know about their new iOS7 design.

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Kind of collaboration of every bit of other social media, by accessing via smart-phone you can pin and share with your friends. We feel there will be spam for this category like weight-loss.

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Either you can add a new board and choose “map” from the settings or edit your popular pinterest board, don’t forget to invite your friends who are like minded.

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