Today we are introducing Nahva Tecklu, author from Stanford University. And sharing important tips on successful Freelancing and do it in easy mode, so welcome him to our design crew. With the widespread availability of the Internet, freelancing is easier than ever. Whether you’re looking to work part time from home in order to make a little extra cash, or quit your day job to Full-time Freelancer altogether, it’s possible to achieve your goals and turn your freelancing dreams into a reality.Unfortunately, many new freelancers jump into their chosen field without fully understanding what it takes to succeed. Whether you’re in the business of writing and photography, or something entirely different, here are a few tips to ensure your success as a freelancer.

How Freelancing can be Successful – Basic Advice

Successful Freelancing Tips

1. Take your job seriously, when you are working as a Freelancer.

One of the biggest mistakes new freelancers make is treating their work-at-home job as a hobby. Never forget that just because you make your own hours does not mean long hours and deadlines don’t exist. Like any other self-owned business, freelancing is serious. And, if you don’t take it seriously, you’ll quickly find that: Nobody will take you seriously. Professional respect is hard earned, especially from family and friends who know you in a non-professional context. If you give the impression that your freelancing is the phase, hobby, or appear to be anything but committed, they won’t respect your work. Business won’t come to you. Client acquisition is one of the biggest challenges of any new business, and freelancing is no different. With the ever-increasing number of freelancers looking for work, if you’re not seen a serious contender, you will not get hired. Be ready and willing to put in time and effort in order to see your freelancing succeed.

2. Schedule work hours

Creative people and Freelancing requires a lot of discipline. While many freelancers have made a deliberate choice to forgo a 9-5 work schedule, those who are most successful stay focused by maintaining scheduled work hours. Additionally, while working from home may seem great in theory, in practice being in your personal space with laundry that needs to be done, or a bed that’s too comfy to get out of can prove to be incredibly distracting. Which brings me to my next tip…

3. Hire a babysitter

One of the biggest perks of freelancing is the flexibility to be around family. While the opportunity is incredible, it can also be incredibly distracting. This is especially true for freelancers with young children. Don’t forget, even though you’re working from home, you’re still working. Consider hiring a part-time babysitter to help out. Even if it’s only for a few hours a week, you’ll be amazed at how productive a few hours of distraction-free work time can be.

4. Ignore condescending remarks.

​ If freelancers had a nickel for every time someone said freelancing “isn’t a real job”, they wouldn’t need to freelance at all. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for such remarks to come from those closest to us. Whether it’s an overbearing parent or judgmental friend wondering why you’ve chosen to freelance or how you plan to provide for yourself, ignore it. It’s your life, you don’t need to justify your decisions. When facing negative reactions, don’t question yourself. Confidence is contagious, answer with conviction and soon others will stop doubting you.
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5. Don’t be afraid to branch out.

Now that you’re in business for yourself, you have to think about worst case scenarios. Focusing all your efforts on a single client or project leaves you at risk if something goes wrong. That being said, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin either. Figure out your sweet spot, usually a balance of three to five clients, and try to maintain a steady stream of business. Not only will this help you maintain a sense of normalcy, it will provide a more regular flow of income making it easier to grow your freelancing business.

6. Find tools to manage accounts – must have by all freelancing.

Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it being frazzled by a forgotten password. Many of us have trouble remembering all of our personal login information as it is, let alone the additional passwords that come with new freelancing jobs. All too often freelancers are locked out of accounts wondering, “Did the client create this account or did I?”; and it’s hardly professional to call a customer and ask, or worse send a password reset request to his or her email address. Luckily, there are a number of solutions available for you.

The 1Password app offers password protection, but at the cost of freelancer’s salary, so it may not be a feasible option for those just starting out. LastPass does provide free password storage, but given this week’s breach, it may not be the best option to keep your accounts secure. oneID offers free password storage that’s encrypted using multiple keys for optimal security. Not only is your information secure, but you can monitor and control account entry from the easy to use app, putting you in control of your accounts. We protect our clients and using oneID you can too. Achieving work-life balance while remaining serious about your work is critical for any successful freelancer. So whether you’ve been freelancing for years, or you’re just starting out, keeping these tips in mind to ensure your success as you continue to grow your business.

About the Contributor:

This article is written by Nahva Tecklu. Nahva is a student studying symbolic systems at Stanford University. Nahava has previously worked in operations and community management roles. Currently, she is working on marketing for oneID. oneID is a free password management application designed to solve some key problems for security, in addition to helping freelancers.

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