Today’s post about Review on Luminar Vs Adobe Creative Cloud by Macphun Software company – a photo editing software. With all the many Free and Premium photo editing softwares available, picking which one is the right one for you can get overwhelming. And, when you add in creative cloud subscriptions, they can get expensive, too.

Although we do love Lightroom & Photoshop, (Yes we do !) there are other routes to go if you’re looking to avoid those monthly subscription fees for the rest of your life.

Looking for alternative to Creative Cloud Subscription? Here is the best solution for Mac – [Luminar Vs Adobe Creative Cloud].

Read on for some tips and tidbits to weigh your options and get a feel for your choices.

Why We Love Lightroom and Photoshop

When it comes to incredible resources for photographers, Lightroom & Photoshop are two of the best. They’ve been used by professional photographers for years and their functionality has become second nature to many. Within the photography community, these two staple programs are widely used and each serve their own unique purpose of editing images. They’re powerful and move from basic edits to extensive tools. The downside? The subscriptions.

The Downside of Creative Cloud Subscriptions.

While we, like many others, love what Lightroom & Photoshop bring to the table — we don’t enjoy the Creative Cloud Subscription. Creative Cloud is $49.99 a month or $600 a year. In five years, that puts you at a whopping $3000 chunk of money to edit our photos. So if you plan on editing photos for the rest of your life, you may want to not plan on sending money to Adobe for the rest of your life, too. These days, if you’re looking to make the switch, there are amazing alternate programs that can be purchased for a one time payment — and they can give you everything you are looking for and more in the realm of high quality editing software.


The Benefits of Alternate Programs for Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions, Like Luminar (Mac Users).

3255 Luminar Vs Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions [Alternative Rival App]

Luckily, if you aren’t looking to spend monthly fees on subscriptions for the remainder of your photo editing life, there are alternate programs available New Luminar for Mac by Macphun, for example, is an amazing program made for photographers of all skill levels. It adapts to your needs and style to give you professional-looking photos without extra effort. It’s more simple and intuitive than Photoshop and Lightroom and requires no need for complex manuals or subscriptions. The best part? With a one time payment, you’ll be set and good to go, ready to turn all your captured moments to extraordinary images.

Macphun is the only photography developer to be named “Best of the Year” by Apple for 5 consecutive years, so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing. Between dozens of presets and tons of easy-to-use tools, you’ll have fun exploring the world of Luminar.

Here’s some of what Luminar by Macphun offers:

• Fast Raw file support
• Dozens of photo filters
• Presets for instant results
• Layers
• Blend modes
• Custom textures
• Workspaces
• Adaptive UI
• History menu
• B&W photo tools
• Noise reduction
• Object removal
• Face retouching
• Foliage enhancer
• Grain engine
• Polarize filter
• Crop & Transform
• Editing brush
• Luminosity masking
• Toning
• Structure
• Sharpening
• Bi-Color
• Fog
• Gradient & Radial masking
• Clarity, Detail, Structure
• Soft Glow & Focus
• Orton effect
• Vignette
• Social sharing
• And much more

Luminar Photo Editing Software for Mac

So, whether you’re choosing to go the route of a subscription service like Creative Cloud — or looking to branch out into a more intuitive, friendly and inexpensive software (like Luminar by Macphun) we hope this piece has given you some insight into your photo editing options.

Update: Are you a Pc User ? – Download Luminar For Pc will be available soon.

In the end, we all want to create beautiful and memorable photos without the extra money and headache. Intuitive and adaptable editors with one time fees are the way of the future — and the way to go.

Happy photo-taking and image-making!

Conclusion: We are working in Adobe Products from long time, And We like to provide a new program by Macphun – Luminar, an alternative Cloud Subscription for Mac Users.

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