Animation and VFX effects are getting popular and upgraded by each film produced. We love those movies from Star Wars Episode IV to Recent Movies. For creative people who worked in the same medium of works know how it’s made or learn the different effects of animation and how they are created. And movie entertainers love them with few among them search for which studio or company created famous movies and games they have watched or played. To bring the insight of those companies we are featuring this video post. The official animation reel from the studio is important, synchronize it with all the movies they created.

Like vfx artist or graphic designers who’s portfolio is speaks more – animation studio has to present their works and it the right format. They showcase and share some important works and backstage facts in their official website only. So here it is “watch blur studio’s animation reel of famous movies and games”.

Famous Movies and Games Animation Reel

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In 2004, Blur was nominated for its first Academy Award for original short film, “Gopher Broke.” This is one of five original films that we have written, directed and created over the years to develop original content and build a solid pipeline that can expand for feature film production. We have several projects in development, spanning all genres; sci-fi, action/adventure, fantasy as well as family features. And in addition to in-house development Blur has also joined forces with several accomplished directors and writers to develop feature films.

Today, with a state of the art in-house motion capture system, a driven team of directors , producers and artists, along with a character pipeline that brings life to all types of creatures, Blur’s roster of work continues to grow. Recently, we created all the space sequences in James Cameron’s blockbuster “Avatar,” and produced the critically-acclaimed trailers for LucasArts “Star Wars: The Old Republic” and “The Force Unleashed II.” On the commercial front, Blur is currently spearheading two large campaigns for Toshiba’s new innovative products and playful Goldfish Crackers for Pepperidge Farm.
In large format films we have an impressive 3d ride experience opening in Dubai in 2011 featuring immersive stereoscopic animation. And the list goes on as we continue to work with clients like EA, Fox, Microsoft, Universal Studios, CBS, Y&R, Warner Bros., Activision, and Paramount Studios among others.

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