We like to Introduce for the first time in internet “2012 New Twitter Bird Vector Icons” for download. While we looking into our Facebook page feeds and we saw a Youtube Video on new Twitter icon.

Although while creating or say just gave a New Hair style and shattered their wings to the Twitter bird [ #twitterbird ] Most of the twitter users doesn’t like it so.
Watch Official Twitter Bird Video

Most say its bald, not so good, just rotated ……, personally have the similar thought. you can follow in Twitter @animhut

Download New Twitter Bird Icon 2012

2012 New Twitter Bird Vector Icon Download 2012 New Twitter Bird CS6 Vector Icons

we released in four different format.
1. Original twitter bird 2012
2. Stroked Twitter Bird vector
3. in 3 PNG format size.
4. added some sprinkles

Download New twitter bird vector icon from here

New Twitter Update: Download Twitter 2014 New Header Design Templatehere

We are interested in knowing the reaction behind new icon change made by twiiter.


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