We are once again releasing another twitter Icon set made by designcontest  authors. This All star twitter icon pack created with more accuracy and inspiration – you can suggest them too.
I got  mail from them about these icons which they created and like to spread the Icons to you. Thanks to them, all the Twitter icons are very Unique and high detailed. We are very  much impressed to share this amazing twitter icon pack. Download them and use them according to the terms and condition.

A brief explanation of the different styles of birds.

This minimalistic, clean bird will fit perfectly in your blog – like a writer’s sketch in the margin of their notebook, our Calligraphic All-Star can be the ready-made sketch for the margins of your website!

Like a luxurious blue diamond or a meticulously cut blue crystal, this All-Star will bring a bit of glamour to your website or blog.  This All-Star just landed… from the future! All geared up in space-age polymers and robotic features, our Futuristic bird will be a perfect match for sci-fi blogs and websites looking to attract more followers.

An All-Star favorite, this bird’s softly knitted features and hand-stitched button eyes make an adorable, cuddle-worthy addition to your website or blog.

This bird is on a mission – to attract more followers to your Twitter page! Make this All-Star the commander of your military-inspired website or blog.

Featuring amazing Twitter Icon pack

We used the ancient art of origami as our inspiration for this All-Star. Hard to believe, but he’s folded from a single square of paper! This bird will be a unique touch to your creative website or Japanese-inspired blog. t was hard to get this All-Star to stand still long enough to paint his portrait! He’s painted and ready to leave his mark on your website and attract more followers to your Twitter page. Before they had electricity or fossil fuels, our Steampunk All-Star dreamed of time-travel and the technology of the future. Let this Victorian-inspired, industrial yet whimsical bird lead your readers straight to Twitter!

Download from here : Link

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