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For Articles that circulates world wide web, the Content is king – as mentioned by many pro bloggers and Digital Marketing experts told in various social media. The modern websites and their viral articles for target-audience globally are now enriched with visual content which dominates social media from past few years.

To get the user attention in the articles, The Heading + Use of Imagery is must and for SEO and SERP also. Recent surveys mentioned that a reader will close the page with in few seconds, if it doesn’t capture audience attention. From Long articles to short – images (visual Content) are to be placed.

How Visual Content Dominates Social Media 2017 – 2018

Adding images to the content is not only for the readers to view and read the article in the blog or site – but also for getting social media traffic from various social networks. Most of all the social networks like Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter giving huge traffic to the source blog, when the post are powered with visual content.

” For Daily Design Blog like AnimHuT – we use Royalty Free Stock Images from Shutterstock and similar sites like that”

When the content is king, adding striking visual elements can engage more by user for the post. If you’re a social media manger – you have to create easy and best content to influence the user and social network.
In our next followup article, we show you how to create stunning visual content for your blog post

For branding – the digital marketers has to make eye-catching flyers and images (mostly vertical images) to represent the clients brand and connects them. As we said already and written few articles about shutterstock, they are improvising their site for sales and as well as for the designer and photographers to create more content for the clients. A win=win situation.

“Shutterstock is a one of the most leading company for providing high quality stock images, videos and music to blogs, business media companies.”

Hubspot + shutterstock are partnered

The most popular tools for marketing is hubspot and they are partnering with shutterstock’s numerous collections from their site to the hubspot customers for viral marketing. The hubspot users can use images from shutterstock for free without any new subscriptions. Now for images with 60000 photos from shutterstock – you can create a stunning visual content for social media is infinity.

” A post with a image content gets 94% more views than content with only text. – Hubspot”

For social media shares and votes – the articles with visual content has more users engaged. The articles from our blog design and photography section gives you more insight – how much social media traffic our blog gets in the past, when we published and active in blog. We gave pause to the blog as we are working on other works. We most and regular articles in our blog soon.

Growth of Visual Content in social media

This infographics on Visual Content dominates social media, gives you an insight on you can use he images for blog post for viral stunning article visual content with elements important for content. The original visual element created by the writers, digital marketers or social media manager and infographics gives highest visual engagement by the readers.

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