The new Minimal Download bar buttons or Photoshop PSD is available easily on internet, but we created an old fashioned download bar for a change. Creating a minimal design is trend now and apart from portfolios and websites, many are using old bright colors to get notified. Remember not every users like the flashing buttons and fake download buttons used to get revenue. Always use standard download buttons – do not trick the readers.

Testimonial about our AnimHuT Blog

We are happy that one of most popular Twitter Bird(creative vector one) in our blog was once again loved. For new Twitter 2012 Icon click here.

If your content is good they will like and share your articles. Today’s Freebie on graphic and web design blog is very old style download bar with advanced features. like get the download link after you Tweet or Facebook Share them with your friends. This is a mockup so if you are really interested to doing them in action – you can use it.

You might be interested in our “Freestyle Photoshop Patterns” we created on September 2012.

You can use these downloads for your personal and commercial projects. Our next Photoshop tutorial will be how to create Download progress bar, so stay tuned.
Download PSD
Hope you love this freebie and let us know which freebie you need next for your projects via comment section or Tweet.

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