Today did you noticed the StumbleUpon Redesigned. The New re-design gives me a good appeal after a long year STUMBLEing on it..
The Redesigned StumbleUpon gives more Potential Traffic for sites, cause its easy to navigate and the Category in which you show interest is featured as Photography or Portfolio format.
The New StumbleUpon Home page give you a minimal webpage with lots of Category with big Thumbnail. Whatever interest you have saved will be shown – priority to that more news will be featured.
Have a peak on new StumbleUpon and old StumbleUpon page

New StumbleUpon Home Page

New StumbleUpon Home page

What would you like to explore?

Either you can check your shares there with a Google plus notification ” who shared you and how many shares you have currently”.
Like the old StumbleUpon you can randomly or in your nichie category stumble it. there is not that much changes.
Another Changes you dont have to see your followers and buddies all the time, instead of that they will suggest other followers. you can check you lovable buddies from the left Sidebar

Old StumbleUpon HomePage

26549625 Stumbleupon Redesigned and Download 2012 stumbleupon icon

shows shared in full page - Clustered

Old StumbleUpon page shows lots of your recent shares you have done and your followers in the sidebar.
Comparing to the old the new SU design shows the Recommend Interests and with left sidebar for Stumblers and channels navigation.
So over all the page gives you simplified look – Good!

New Profile Page

New StumbleUpon Profile page

New StumbleUpon Profile page

They have made a great changes in the User Profile page – which looks like Facebook old theme.
May be there will be Timeline in the StumbleUpon too.

Sharing user profile and Comments

showing the Share and interest

showing the Share and interest and comments

Now you can share your likes to your friends just by clicking on the top navigation bar next to Thumb down. and next to that you can comment or review on the shares sent by someone else.
While sharing it will mention which user shared this.
You can add your comments and tags and share them on twitter, facebook and linkedin. – which we think a very good move.

Commenting on the links – they share with you ! is same as above.

Download 2012 StumbleUpon Icons

Now you can download the new Stumbleupon logo and icon in different format.
We have made them in Vector format so that you can edit as much as possible. and in the Photoshop format in large size – so you can resize it.
the Photoshop icons in different style.

Download New StumbleUpon vector icons

Download New StumbleUpon vector icons

version : Cs3 Illustrator file

StumbleUpon icon

Psd styles added to the icons

Due to Huge file sie [17.28 MB] we uploaded to the MEDIA FIRE.

you can Download the Photoshop file from there and all the layers are separated.  you can drag to the new document and resize for your convince. thank you

Hope you like this article on the New Stumbleupon re-design and downloads.

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