What better way to make your brochures look more attention-grabbing? Use color!

Full-colors brochures, when used as marketing tools, earn a higher response rate from people compared to grayscale. Think of your brochures as movies — do people want to watch the latest films in black and white nowadays especially when these can be viewed in 3D? I think not. Likewise, it would be much more interesting for people if they see your brochures with bright colors and pleasing color combinations.

The aim of getting people’s attention through color to read your brochure is to promote your business and turn them into customers. If you need brochure design ideas to achieve this goal, here is a roundup of vibrant and colorful business brochures to inspire you:
And today’s post on brochure design inspiration will help you to get some idea.

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colorful brochure Inspiration

Credit deviantonis

colorful brochure inspiration

Credit Xwaniex

colorful brochure

Credit: Kinzi

animhut colorful brochure inspiration

Colorful Brochure 2011

Credit: PeriPheryy
Colorful Brochure

Credit: Almubdi
brochure design 2011

awesome colorful brochure design

Credit: Valiumhc
Brown color Brochure

Colorful Brochure sample

Vibrant colorful brochure

Education Brochure template

Colorful BroChure

Colorful Brochure

Vintage Brochure sample

Colorful Brochure

Colorful Brochure for Agriculture

Credit:Terra-garden design

Using the right color for your brochures is essential in making effective print materials for your marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid to use loud and bright colors in your UPrinting brochure printing  because this is easiest way to outshine your competitors’. However, bad color combination can prevent your audience from reading your brochure. Therefore, learn which of the colors look more attractive when combined together.

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