Today’s Vector Poster Design Inspiration for creative blog readers is about our favourite Anime cartoon – Dragon Ball Z. From our blog, we featured a cute robotic illustration by Tamás Moroz. He mentioned that for his readers, he will create a dragon ball z poster design and he also published. As a fan of Goku and the vector poster design looks elegant – hope he make these vector posters for print. So quick note on him

My name is Tamas Moroz , designer / illustrator from Transylvania ( Cluj Napoca ). I have a masters degree in fine arts , and I’m currently working as an Art Director at a local startup. I have a love for great design , with high attention on details , illustration , animation , and my new love is lettering.

Dragon Ball Z – Vector Poster Design Inspiration

All the images are copyrighted to the respective artist. Shared for inspiration purpose only. Kindly check his portfolio page for more artwork.

vector poster design inspiration

vector poster design inspirationn

vector poster design inspiration

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