Business cards are the most effective way for Offline way to promote and advertise our business. There are different types of Business card, which are very creative and professional – comparing to old odd business card comes in white color with only text on it.

We have written popular tutorials on ” How-to ” Create Business card in photoshop. and another one for creating Nebula background business card tutorial.

Today you will be get inspired by Business Card Samples for Businessmen in the Food Industry. You’re lucky if you own a food business. This industry will never go out of demand. People eat three times a day. Birthday celebrations come every week. There are holidays observed almost every month. Still, this doesn’t give you the right to be complacent. The bigger your potential market is, the fiercer your competition will be. This means you should never miss an opportunity to earn prospects. Hand out business cards as soon as you have a chance.

Business card printing is an effective means to invite more customers and get referrals. Maximize its use by creating designs that could stand out from the rest. Include your contact number, logo and a catchy tagline. Maintain a clean layout and use bright colors. Having difficulty picturing all that? No need to worry. I collected 25 sample business card designs to help you promote your restaurant, café or catering services. Enjoy!

Popular Food Business card inspiration

Popular Food Business card inspiration

Popular Food Business card inspiration

Business cards have different shapes like leaf cut, circle or semi-circle. You can even go as far as die-cutting them into practically anything you like. First, make up for the design. Second, check for readability and layout. Third, choose shape and print. Last, hand them over and entertain more customer calls!

Hope you got some inspiration from this post. You can write more tutorials and Inspiration post here. Contact us for more information.

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