The model world and a large number of big companies determine what is good or to follow as a fashion by force or brainwash them via idiotic ads. In 90’s and before that having armpit hair or other things which are free to choose by women was allowed – to sell their cosmetics, companies made a huge difference with popular actress against in terms of feminism. Ben Hopper – London photographer standard against it and rebel female models support this project, which becomes viral content known as Natural Beauty.

Limited edition prints of “Natural Beauty” are available for purchase:
£400 for 30” x 24”, Edition of 5 (50% OFF for first 1 purchased)
£200 for 24” x 20”, Edition of 8 (50% OFF for first 2 purchased)
£100 for 16” x 12”, Edition of 21 (50% OFF for first 3 purchased)
£50 for 12” x 9”, Edition of 55 (50% OFF for first 5 purchased

C-type prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a semi-matt finish.
Signed & Numbered by Ben Hopper.
Shipping worldwide.

For print purchases / press inquiries please contact them directly on:

Female Models Support Armpit Hair

All images are copyrighted to the respective owner. We asked permission from the photographer to feature his work. You can check out his Kickstarter here.

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