Add Twitter Id field to comment form

Did you ever try to add Twitter username to you comment box. To share your instant updates to all and get more twitter friends with good exposure. If you installed your blog, readers like to add it so that they can promote their site or product and at the same time get exposure by many people within the same category. There are many plug-in for wordpress came. But this new plugin actually worked for my theme (support wordpress2.8 installed). Yesterday , i going through new plug-in in wordpress and found “ twitterlink comment” which is realised by commentluv.

From various authors many plug-in realised .in case of my theme its not working. But the previous plugins are work well with thesis theme/framwork and their child theme. When i tried to install my comment box -collapsed and some theme features are not responding. But this plug-in is very good. I tried it and no errors for me. – lets digg into tutorials –

Easy steps:

1. Backup your files(optional- not needed, mainly index.php and config.php).

2. Download plugin from TwitterLink Comments.

Install to your blog through FTP or directly and activate it.

“- this plugin add table called (yourprefix)_wptwitipid “

3. go to TwitterLink Comments page under settings menu.

[This plugin adds an extra field for the comment author to add your Twitter username].

4.There is two option for you, YES OR NO

If you don’t want to mess with the coding then choose “ YES” and save it.


Just select Yes and if you need you can change the option for link fomart,twitter link position, and field desicrption. Remember this option put your twitter ID field after the submit button. And with blue dialog box. Try it yourself.

Result :


5. it seems not good with the background, and my suggestion is to add under the website link field. Select option “ NO” from the settings and save it.

Now open the comment.php from editor and search the “ website “ and below that add the following code. or above the code also your wish.

<p><input id=”atf_twitter_id” type=”text” name=”atf_twitter_id” > Twitter ID <br><small>(ID only. No links or “@” symbols)</small>

Save it and Spread this to your more twiiter addict friends.


Result :


For more support visit : support

Just put your username in the comment box and start tweeting. | another tips another tips. and do share with your twitter friends and add to you site.

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