Another “How-to” pinterest tutorial for business and now you can add Pinterest hover button, Vote count, any image button in blog using single script. We wrote two codex tutorial on Pinterest which is popular among bloggers and photographers to implement in their blog or website.

Now you can add all Three Official Pinterest Buttons or Widgets in your blog or site using a single customized Pinterest Script. Bloggers and Photographers are highly beneficial from this script to promote Pin in Pinterest. After their frequent Pinterest new updates can create Three Different buttons into Single Script to reduce the load on websites and avoid WordPress Plugins too much. You know some shared hosting make our blog into 403 error. This tutorial will help you to avoid to reduce the load on your site. The number of less plugins we use the speed of the website increase and Google love fast loading pages – it’s a one of the 200 factors to rank in Google.

Pinterest Codex Tutorials: Using Single Script to Add Three Pinterest Buttons into Single Button

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Pinterest Tutorial for Business

We showed you Three Different Types of Pinterest Vote Button

– Pinterest Bookmark – Pinterest Hover Image Button And Our Pinterest Vote Counter Button with Bookmarking all the images.

1. Now add Hover Image Button to our Customized Pinterest Button copying customized Pin-it code from this tutorial. After Copying the Code go to Editor in your WordPress and paste it in single.php and save it.

2. Open your Header.php file and paste the following code, before the < / body > tag.

[pwal id=”69271493″ description=”Share this Post to unlock the Code”]


Save it and Purge your Cache, if you are using  any free CDN or most popular CDN like MaxCDN to speed up your blog. Did you get it worked in your site ?. Do share this post in social media about Pinterest Tutorial for Business, if you have any doubt do let us know via comment section !

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