Business card is a great way to express their brand and especially every designer or client must have. The clients always look out the professionalism in you and later the cost, like that! The way you make your business card will stand out from the crowd. To make biz cards we have to follow very few guidelines, and apart from that not stick to the same fact or style. Its creative means you can show creative in your own way, i fed up with the default white card with your name and your details and nothing else- it really frustrating. Even some companies follow or say stick to their fact- funny!
Today we are going to create a simple business card with texture applying on it. As i always shout “break the rules”. But the basic guidelines should be kept for printing and user-friendly to the print media and client.
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Basic Requirements! :

1. Company name (optional).
2. Your name.
3. Your title.(status)[ graphic design, illustrator.. etc]
4. Phone number (mobile number in case you are freelancer).
5. Your e-mail address (never use a free service) but most of them don’t have own site/domain email
6. mailing address(optional) [ i won’t do that ]

Tutorial :

Final Output:

final2 PSD Tutorial: Design a Dirty Business card

Step:1 Create a document in Photoshop and give these settings

– Mode: CYMK (for printing)
– Width: 3.5 inches X height : 2 inches
– Resolution : 300 ( for better quality )

Create a document

Create a document in Photoshop

Now pick the Foreground color #26c0ec and hit enter. Press Alt +backspace for fill foreground color.

fill the color with blue color

File the color with #26c0ec

Step:2 Make Guidelines

Here we made two line horizontally and vertically, the reason we won’t add much detail here. So keep the text at the equal distance I made this two lines.
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make guidelines in photoshop

make a rough guidelines

Step:3 Add the Text

We are using Brandish Font here ! (See their licences use before commercial purpose). Link: Brandish Font

Type the word graphic

Type the word graphic

Type the Word “Graphic “@ 14” font size. Now press Ctrl + T for transformation and right click on the text and select Rotate 90 degree CW.
Do the same for Text for “ Designr ” Font size= 30”. Do the transformation as we did earlier.

type the word graphic and Ctrl+T

type the word graphic and Ctrl+T

After Rotating the both text lace it in the left corner of the card. But it should not exceed above the guide line.

Step:4 Add basic details to the business card.

In the right side, type your name. With the brandish font. And below that add the following details in Calibri font.
your site name/company site name
your email address
Contact number
Note: i used the brandish font for my name to highlight them. Other basic details are in 11-12 size and it’s optional.

step5 PSD Tutorial: Design a Dirty Business card
We are almost done.

Step: 5 Add texture to the business card

We have writer we used paper texture from i usually get textures from there. See the standard restrictions on the image.
Download link: . Now open the image in Photoshop and copy to our business card psd, above all the layer.

Now change the layer mode to MULTIPLY and opacity = 83% and fill = 42%.
Note: as we mention you always play with the layer mode and you get more unique effect

Final Output:

final2 PSD Tutorial: Design a Dirty Business card

Optional Steps

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1.Adding any grunge brushes to the biz card make unique and dirty effect on it.

dirty PSD Tutorial: Design a Dirty Business card

2. Use halftone brush download
dirt2 PSD Tutorial: Design a Dirty Business card
Without texture
dirty3 PSD Tutorial: Design a Dirty Business card

Your print ready business card done.
We like to hear from you. How this tutorial and the result came. Please give us feedback even if it is negative one. That makes us to improve more and give back quality content to design community

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