Recent updates from Flipboard, says that – users can create their own Flipboard magazine which they share and like with subscribers. Today we are going to create or show you new “AnimHuT” Flipboard magazine tutorial. Apart from official Flipboard editorial picks, for bloggers and designers – other creative readers can now edit and publish “your own magazine in Flipboard”.

The best part is any user can create the magazine for their blog or favorite sites and even social media networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Why and who should add your blog to Flipboard ?
Who like to get loyal audience from massive creative curating site with more than 10 million social recommendations to their friends using this App. Social Media and online digital inspiration has grown – people always like to be update with new features and share with colleges. Now following these easy steps will get you more non-blog readers to potential customers/readers. Which in return gives more blog traffic to your blog. You remember how Pinterest new code gave us more blog traffic, next to Google organic search.

Create Own Digital Magazine in Flipboard

Add Pinterest code for enabling “Pin-it button with vote counter” – this codex simple tutorial must for every bloggers and photographers who like to get their blog go viral in social network.

You might misunderstand that, these are basic steps to add and we know it. Kindly read the whole article or post. There are few flaws to avoid for rich better content seen in official App. Like your post article images or WordPress settings prevent you to show regularly.

[xyz-ihs snippet=”beta”]

Create Flipboard Magazine for your Pro Blog

If you search in Google, might see few blogs narrate you – like in which method you can add blogs to Flipboard using atom rss feed. That’s a old story brother.

old method to add blog to Flipboard

When you are using RSS Feed.

Older version allows that, even you can follow the old trick – for some reason Flipboard blocked images from all blogs. You can see only excerpt of the article or post you published in your blog.

Using Editor to Create New Magazine in Flipboard

The following quick-tip is easy for everyone.
Go to Flipboard Editors Page to Create a New Magazine

Flipboard is now allowing to add/create/edit/delete or set cover page from your browsers. Instead of using only via Apple Apps.
Desktop version of Flipboard for Editors

Desktop Flipboard Edition

Go to Flipboard Editors Page to Create a New Magazine

Now click “new magazine” and we are name it as AnimHuT. And give your good, interesting title, description. Don’t forget to give which category.
create new magazine in Flipboard

Tip: you can make the current magazine to private until you add interesting articles or post you like to share with others later.

That’s it, now you have created your first Flipboard magazine successfully. You can start adding your content to your blog. Always remember if you share only your content – many will get distracted because most of the are you users. In your account, create different magazine for all type readers to engage them – so that you get more traffic like Pinterest.

How you can Add Your Content to Flipboard, if you don’t use iOS or Android ?

Share AnimHuT Content in Flipboard

New bloggers or any users who are not using smartphones – still create your mag. Using desktop version(Flipboard is allowing now) Go to any of your favorite browsers and Add “+Flip it” Share Button to your Bookmark. They provided for other way to contribute. We will add customized code in our next article or post like we did for Pinterest.
[xyz-ihs snippet=”720″]
Some preview of how the magazine will look:
preview of in Flipboard

Some of your blog post will not see any images in iOS app – In this article, We give you the solution to resolve it.

First check whether you added “image class” and HTML tag correctly to your content. The images should not be smaller than 400px like Pinterest. The main reason our blog images not appeared in the App, We enabled the “post excerpt” for RSS feed. And by default some themes avoid post thumbnails there. another issue, we disabled the author name settings from our premium themes. For other themes, even after showing full post – due to their function.php causing errors.
– See this Codex tutorial from “Show Post Thumbnails in Feeds” here.

If you are going for Premium Flipboard (we will be added in future at Flipboard Officially)
– Extending the Default WordPress RSS Feed here

We thought to feature this article after we get 100 readers and more page flips – but many of our iOS users not aware that “AnimHuT is available in Flipboard“. Let it be you are an Android or Apple fan you can subscribe to our magazine.

For your every Magazine, change the cover page often

Kindly subscribe “AnimHuT” digital magazine in Flipboard. Click the image below.

You can see our loyal readers and we do not know who subscribed to our AnimHuT Magazine in Flipboard.
animhut in flipboard

If you liked our article, about Flipboard – kindly share this with your friends and subscribe to our magazine. We like to know your feedback about this post. Do share your magazine direct link in the comment section or your favorite one.
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