Andrew Myers teach us how an artist should have their vital 7 Elements of Knowledge. This is not any regular or professional Photoshop video tutorials to learn. Instead of “How-To” factor, the artist explained to us, basic things which most of the designers loose while creating any masterpiece.

Remember having lots of creativity and without any proper knowledge is lack in getting your desired output. What you need to create any creative work.
1 full bottle of creativity. 2 drops of vision. 1 small spoonful of passion. A splash of knowledge. 2 pumps of inspiration. Insecurity to taste. And heaps of hope.

How an Artist can Create any Masterpiece with Balance of Knowledge and Creativity – 7 Elements of Knowledge

From the Artist Words:
This is most true of striking the right balance between creativity and knowledge. Too much creativity and not enough knowledge creates poorly executed artwork that fails to capture the artist’s vision. Too much knowledge and not enough creativity leads to stale, mechanical pieces devoid of expression. A painting is more than just brush strokes on a canvas; before the visible work even begins, the artist must fight an internal battle between conflicting ideas, emotions, and fears.

Successful pieces are created through just the right combination of creativity, vision, passion, knowledge, inspiration, and insecurity, but there is no cookbook to follow. An artist must instead intuit the correct recipe through life experience, honest reflection, and trial and error.
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