After you setup your successful blog or website, you need an online visibility and our author created a post on Top SEO tools to enhance your online visibility – These are premium SEO Tools and Free Chrome plugin.

As SEO and content marketing are coming closer, and the search engines are becoming even stricter with their algorithms, it has become more important than ever for the SEO specialists to use powerful tools for enhancing the visibility of their websites.

Here are the top SEO tools which offer a myriad of powerful features including tracking, reporting and analytics of the SEO campaigns apart from making them more efficacious.

Different SEO Tools you should use for enhance your online visibility

Top SEO tools to enhance your online visibility



Gaining a clear understanding of the current status of a website from the SEO perspective is very important for planning and implementing the right SEO strategy. The first and foremost thing which one must consider while analysing a  website is its health, the current keywords it is ranking for, the Domain Authority (DA) it has been penalized for and the inbound links. SEMrush is an incredible tool which delivers valuable data for developing the SEO strategies for the website and provides information about the impact which penalties have had on the website.

Check My Links

The missed and broken links are one of the most common leaks in the content marketing funnel of a website and thus, it is important to eliminate all the broken links. However, before eliminating those, it’s important to identify them and this is what “Check My Links” tool does.

But, as this SEO tool is only available as a Google Chrome Extension, you have to ensure that the web page for which you want to check the total number of links and the number of broken links, is opened in the Chrome browser.

Raven Tools

Web Designs and website content has turned SEO oriented these days. Ne of the cardinal reasons is that a website needs to be SEO friendly to gain rank in Google, as well as in SERP too. The Raven Tools are a dominant set of SEO tools which support reporting by allowing the online marketers to track, test, measure and analyse diverse user data sets to find out that which one is working for you and which is not. This tool is capable of generating multiple reports by analysing and mining your collected data. Further, this data can be leveraged for creating the different results oriented content building campaigns.


Majestic  is among the largest indexing databases for web links. One of the most significant aspect of Majestic tools is its metrics for citation and trust flow. Owing to the rise of the semantic indexing by the search giant Google, the tropical flow has become quite crucial for understanding the semantic context of a website.

Majestic works as a great resource for outreaching SEO campaigns and link building. Using this tool, the marketers can easily identify the websites with the top ranks and fetch data to build the similar link profiles for their own websites for which SEO is being done.

Using These SEO tools one can certainly enhance the effectiveness of SEO campaigns they use and increase the traffic influxes of their websites.

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